A road to a more enlightened age, pulling away from the downward spiral that cultural illiteracy or post-literacy seems to be indicating. Accelerated technology and planned obsolescence should not be the focus.
A decreased emphasis on MULTImedia as a road for channel surfing, net surfing, browsing. Attention spans need to grow longer, not shorter. Technology not for distraction, but for learning.
How can we restore balance in our lives? How can we restore focus on being an intelligent culture?
Maybe learning tools come at us from all entertainment venues? Concerts, etc.
All broadcasts have an on-screen pop up menu, containing the necessary links to the Internet, WWW, or whichever all-encompassing source of info takes us…
Sketch out the full business plan… Full subsidization by 2000?
Creates jobs for the unemployed, offers research potential to all of us
Eventually CD Rom version, upgradeable each month?
Slow transition towards all books getting keyed in.
All post 1988 works donated to lib. on disk
All pre 1988 books to be keyed in
All images to be scanned at lo-res for internet download.
Fee system. Browsing and reading online is free. Download charges for book texts is fixed. maybe some nominal charge like $5.00. Perhaps this counters lost royalties to publishers. Net charges you for downloading, passes on royalty to publishers.

To continually avoid a conventional pop definition
The problem with singles is that they have a life of only about 4-1/2 minutes; albums establish longevity.
Low interactivity: refers to software that assumes its users are empty vessels to be filled with other people’s wisdom.
High interactivity: encourages users to actively ask the kinds of questions and make the kinds of choices that require considerable mental agility. The kinds that the best human dialogues provoke.
Where will electronica go? Into a conceptual realm, I believe. People will act out the means to a conceptual end, with every project, every release. There will be an experimental edge to all new artists on Day for Night and each project/recorded release will feel like a little movie. Ref. to SOMA/Wire 136, MAIN/The Wire 137: “Monochromatic Artists: we ought not to become so biased by this genre,” incited by a letter in The Wire 138.

To keep looking for a broader definition towards progress and progressivisim To continue indentifying a winning series of musical endeavors from a variety of composers, musical designers and sound innovators.

To continue exploring that uncharted musical territory…