Well, things do change over time, and it appears that each year, I had the impetus to sit down and try to define Day For Night in a new way that got me excited, and would trigger an opportunity to share something unique.

Here’s one of the more pointless, and pompous attempts:

What is Day For Night?

A movement for a personal music, art, literature, film and design—though not necessarily in that order—for both the jaded as well as the discerning.

An aesthetic.

About music, made-to-measure for a roomful of listeners who have made it their obligation to listen; a soundtrack to the life of everyman; a sonic tapestry for talkers & thinkers alike.

Numbers and time, both prime and even.

A film-makers’ term, referring to the process of shooting a nighttime scene during daylight hours, employing the use of special filters–alternately, a “special effect.”

The difference between the taste of salt and sugar.

The title of a film by Francois Truffaut, which netted him Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in 1973 (and which, on a broader, possibly more holistic, level, continued his now legendary autobiography on film; this time placing him in the character role of Director-as-Actor-as-Director, in a Film about the Making-of-a-Film).

A complete musical universe; one that is both self-referential and self-contained. An index of textures; a lexicon of possibilities.

One’s refusal to participate within the normal confines of the Industry; and living the dream of achieving those ends justified by the means.

The color of night, as seen by the cold light of day.

Day For Night is my life.