Wire “High” Music Video – from pf22 ‘Wire’ (1:58)

Music promo for WIRE High from their 14th album release “Wire”, out April 2015 on Pink Flag. Video created by Eric Scott (Day For Night).

“…It all began (rather unassumingly) as ‪#‎iPhone6‬ concert footage which I shot at the Echoplex L.A. show last May, having no plans in mind, and quickly turned into this. I found myself playing in After Effects and before I knew it, hours had passed and I was proceeding with confidence that there was an idea to explore, some visual contrasts to do with altitude and time.

“’High’ was immediately a standout track for me, from a tremendous 14th album (the self-titled ‘WIRE’). The song is buoyant with these soaring emotional highpoints in the poetic text, which is as beautifully cryptic as with so many of Graham Lewis’s lyrics. Meanwhile, the overall structure (A-B-A-B-C) contains some brilliant nuances, from the minor-to-major shifts which signals the chorus. Wire’s art-rock perspective on this results in something that is musically very satisfying, even in the less-likeliness of a ‘pop’ event… it is all-the-while SO subtle in so many more ways than one. A real gem of a song, it needed to become a single!”

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BUY Wire High (2015) pf22 “Wire” from pinkflag
WIRE High (Robert Grey, Colin Newman, Matthew Simms & Graham Lewis) (2015)
WIRE High (Robert Grey, Colin Newman, Matthew Simms & Graham Lewis) (2015)