Tchotchkeys, Gilbert Paper Samples.
Paper waste and visual diarrhea.
Things that look like objects, but whose function has been replaced with the spectacle.
Like print samples with images and words, which look like and remind us of books, but which lack a viewpoint, an author, even an idea.

Or take VH1, E! and MTV. Networks whose collective vision is apparently to reinforce the entertainment spectacle, rather than provide entertainment value.

An unfortunate example was on the other night. It was a special on the top 25 sexiest people. In music.
So they ran backwards through all the celebrities they’d chosen, using a panel whose sole function was to serve the already bloated egos of the celebrities, while attempting to corral authority and impress a point upon an already miserable audience. A prime example of “join or get left behind.” I was left to feel very empty and very separate from the experience.

I mean, there was scarcely a point to be made. The #1 sexiest celebrity in music, is apparently J Lo. VH1 had about 2 hours of infotainment to get to that point. The career highlights this program director had selected, at best hit upon the artist’s tabloid value, sandwiched by a musical clip which would have stumped even the top Name That Tune fan.

These all lead to desperate actions.