DVD Launch Event

The evening of Saturday, May 20, 2006 marked the date for the Peter Moraites “Spelling Test” video album Launch Party, at Ocean Front Gallery, along the legendary henna-tatooed, roller-blading boardwalk in Venice, CA. Many thanks are due all-around to the friends who so kindly attended and contributed to the evening’s success.

After sundown, the courtyard space at 801 Ocean Front Walk rapidly became a buzzing outdoor lounge, complete with wine and appetizers, and illuminated by a pair of projection walls (one outdoor, the other inside the gallery) – and featuring a continual and mesmerising litany of classic music videos and intoxicating visuals throughout the night.

Inside the main gallery space, a hushed audience was treated to a soulful, pop acoustic set by Canadian artist Marianne Baker, after which came the anticipated, and warmly received screening of the video album/DVD “Spelling Test,” which comprises nine original Pete Moraites music/art videos, with soundtracks by Moraites (“Simpletongue”, “Twitterpation”, “Smokercraft”) and Salvador Dalek (Day For Night’s Eric Scott, remixing and collaborating with Moraites). The presentation was transformed by Moraites’ own closing speech; a poignant thanks to his closest collaborators – an inspirational hommage to the value of encouragement and the creative workshop process.

Eleven o’clock heralded the premiere live performance of Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott on laptop and mixing desk, with Pete Moraites providing visuals and live VJ-accompaniment throughout the set) – unleashing a storming set of progressive house, trance, and drum’n’bass remixes from the Day For Night back catalogue, spanning a breakneck-56-song live remix (in under an hour’s time) and highlighted by a glowing flute performance from soloist Kelly Wilson, during “Twitterpation” – another key highlight of the evening. Our ears are still ringing, and all in a good way.

The Salvador Dalek remix CD “Beat The Time (Day 055)” will be released soon, featuring highlights from this live set, plus a fully-remixed podcast of the set to also follow soon… Check back at this link for details very soon:

01. Clank 2
02. Love March Intro
03. All Mine (Found Mix)
04. Keep Strumming Those Basses
05. Dream Awake
06. Clubsexy
07. Movin’ You Ahead
08. Kel Bass
09. Twitterpation
10. Pearl (Wisdom Mix)
11. The Acid Room
12. Learning Curve (Exp3 mix)
13. Wetlands
14. Demoded
15. Jarresuite
16. Polyanalacolyte
17. Predecom / Mighty Forces I
18. Polyanalacolyte
19. Hakimazula Remix
20. First In Three Adventuremix
21. Ich-01
22. Clank2 (Reprise)
23. Kel
24. NewBeat
25. Gitarzyolie
26. Simpletongue
27. Twelvety
28. I Am Source / Hornzo
29. Zuk / Beachbuggy
30. Deep Dog
31. Tzuke / Tha Groove
32. Swagger / Monky
33. Pinky / Insect Laser Wars
34. AESM
35. Saxomophone Remix
36. Gamma
37. Saddlekey/Tunnel
38. Rise / Staccato-Flow
39. Skein / Strumbaddy
40. Filmy
41. Quillocet
42. Mousse
43. Jaywalker
44. Kickoff
45. Openchannel (Program Yourself Mix)
46. Three
47. After The King
48. Voco / Frantic
49. Charitable Girl (Jean Cocteau)
50. LWaysXways
51. RagnarokNRoll
52. Contract
53. Concutaile
54. Deltair5
55. Masterplan
56. Pwweg_Ankleduster (M8 mix)
57. Once-A-Time
58. Come Beat!
59. Crashanthrum