Getting to know you is the first step in a branding and identity relationship, which includes our consultation and creative services in the following areas of planning, brand experience and design, brand management, brand intelligence and social media.

As mentioned previously, Day For Night would LOVE to sit down to have a chat with you, learn the gestalt of your brand’s culture and have a responsive discussion of where you’d like to take this; online, through print and other media.

The difference between ‘branding and identity’ and our other creative services is in the role your brand takes at the head of the discussion. We’d like to learn your beliefs and become fans of your company values and how to create alignment with your friends, your audience. Interactions that keep your brand relevant and authentic, and enrich your fans and your constituents.

To keep your brand relevant and authentic, networked and personalized through a close analysis and understanding of your vision and culture; your shared ideals, and brand’s architecture through sub-brands and so on. We love to listen.

And yes, we’d love to design for you, but if you’ve already got that covered, there’s still so much more left to discuss regarding your long-term goals. Your brand’s equity also informs your digital archival legacy, your online user experience, and your social media — all fitting into a bigger picture which we embrace as part of your overall creative strategy…

So let’s get our heads together, and make that happen.

Some of our work and clientele in this area:

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