Day For Night “Identity” (Day 008)

Book / Words & Images by Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a writer, multimedia artist, designer and composer… and in his 2nd book “Identity,” (Day 008) he explores the gestalt of Day For Night, presenting a variety of visual identities (alternating between the personal, and those created for his clients) along with other “messaging” from the Day For Night history. To create this work, Eric has painstakingly reviewed, documented and organized his own personal work, writings, designs & creative observations to present a cross-section that is the salient tip of the Day For Night (creative) iceberg…

In keeping with this approach, an abstract, occasionally surrealist, and mostly art-focused approach dominates the works presented, where “Identity” deliberately avoids the conflict of narrative, and instead interweaves many of Eric’s personal writings, notebooks and archives. A corner peeked-around when developing the identities and writings in a highly personal and visual setting… all of which, at its heart, defines the Day For Night approach.

“Identity” is a must-read for anyone who is a friend of the label, a client (or potential client), a lover of railway travel and/or urban explorer, reader of poetry or theorist of information architecture, or someone who is passionate about the creative process.

The full visual identity system, logo and sub-brands created by Day For Night, under the catalogue ID “Identity” (Day 008). As a matter of internal reference, this also includes identity marks for Eric ScottNIGHTfonts, Editions La Nuit Amèricaine, Re:Fresh, King FMBluebottles, and Rhythm Factory, plus the accompanying letterhead, envelope, business card, in-ternal communications (fax, invoice, etc.), and a free downloadable desktop utility for composers, the Day For Night BPM Calculator.

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Rhythm Factory “Saves The Day” (Day 044)

CD / Download
Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Saves The Day.” Day / download

Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Saves The Day.” Day / download

Rhythm Factory “Saves The Day” (Day 044) draws further from ambient, jungle and progressive house, as composer / producer Eric Scott unveils a series of electronica miniatures.

Eric Scott. "_Underscore" (Day 041)

CD / Download
Eric Scott (Day For Night). “_Underscore” Day / download

Eric Scott (Day For Night). “_Underscore” Day / download

“_Underscore” (Day 041) is the latest installment in orchestral cinematica from composer Eric Scott. Accentuated by patterned, rhythmical cycles, string lines, and Eric’s insistent post-minimalist trademark frenzy, this collection forges an emotional landscape that is rife with tension, in equal parts as it is harmonious with compassion, love and peace. “Underscore” is a lexicon of personal derives and new music for films; a work that is created anticipating need as filmic vantage.

Various Artists “OverCast” Podcast

Day For Night Podcast Series / Downloads

“OverCast” is a themed series of eclectic podcast mixes (genres ranging from fringe electronica, drum ‘n’ bass, trip-hop and downtempo, avant-garde-jazz-classical, spoken-word sound collage) and curated by the Day For Night artists Eric ScottSalvador DalekPeter Moraites and more.

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Day 020 : “Music From The Park” (Found Mix)
Day 030 : “Addictaphone” (The Creativity Podcast)
Day 060 : “Re:Fresh” (Salvador Dalek Mix)
Day 070 : “Hospital Radio” (Day For Night Mix)
Day 100 : “Terminus” (Day For Night Mix)

Eric Scott “The Drowning Fish” (Day 033)

CD / Download
Eric Scott (Day For Night). “The Drowning Fish” Day / download

Eric Scott (Day For Night). “The Drowning Fish” Day / download

“The Drowning Fish” (Day 033) is a collection of contemplative-yet-upbeat pieces for electric guitar, with a shift of emphasis upon arrangements that “could be reproducible live”…This is not to suggest that Eric Scott has any performance dates planned for the near future; the composer/producer prefers the studio environment above all else.

“I really do love to play live. But there’s a wiser instinct that reminds me that I just need to keep away from activities that have that laborious feeling, especially repetitive scheudules of any sort. From day to day, my attention is constantly moving, I’m restless and so I reinvent music every day. I’m just not into the side of things that requires that performer’s discipline. In many ways, it’s at the heart of why I do so many of the activities I pursue today.”

King FM “Soundsystem 0.2.1” (Day 086)

CD / Download
King FM (Eric Scott/Day For Night). “Soundsystem 0.2.1.” Day / download

King FM (Eric Scott/Day For Night). “Soundsystem 0.2.1.” Day / download

With “Soundsystem 0.0.2” (Day 086) digital dub-plate fanatic King FM deconstructs the sound work begun by Rhythm Factory and other Day For Night artists in this light and summery outing. Comprising eight bass-heavy, downtempo thumpers, King FM is about an instinct to preserve a chilled-out blend of clicks and cuts, vibing against low, smooth bass and rattling, exotic percussion lines.

Eric Scott “Tensmith” (Day 036)

CD / Download

A collection of acoustic demos, recorded between July 2009 and December 2010, and encompassing the entire songwriting catalogue by Eric Scott, for Day For Night/Editions La Nuit Américaine.

Eric: “In a way, this project represents a kind of re-invention; where the freedom of hearing oneself re-interpreted, as many as 20 years later, through an acoustic demo, frees one of the trappings of fashion, style, temperament, and leaves only the bare bones of a rather positive songwriting legacy in place. It was made with the intention of leaving an inspirational footprint, and I think it wholly succeeds.”

Eric Scott “Addictions” (Day 030)

Book (Words: Eric Scott) + CD

In Day 030 “Addictions” first two volumes, “Simple words,” “Hazy memories,” Eric Scott joins verse and graphic images. Printed in 4.75″ square format, this very-limited release is housed in a double-cd jewel case, accompanied by a hand-picked selection of finished songs and recordings, most of which were the by-product of these writings from the late 1980s and early 90s.

The accompanying disc contains a mixture of love songs and tone poems, this collection may on the surface appear to be a more conventional set; recorded in a style less familiar to fans of his more recent work; these humble arrangements of one-man band on piano, guitar, and bass do not belie their insistence as an important chapter in Eric’s work as singer-songwriter.

Genres: Indie / Electro / Breakbeat Techno / Vocal

Presently hibernating, the Von Trapps is a one-off project created by producer / arranger / keyboardist Eric Scott with singer / lyricist Doug Green. Sporadic recordings made in the early 1990s foreshadowed ample breakbeat loops, forsaking “electronic drum” sounds for another ten years…

Von Trapps releases on Day For Night

Sculptured” ( 1991 | Day 015 )

“The White Knight of Roppongi”

Peter Moraites – sketch by Patricia Dalen

Genres: Experimental / Cinematica / Illustration / Fiction / Design / Motion Graphics / Direction / Consultation

Pete Moraites began drawing pictures at the very early age of 0.9 years old, initially favoring the medium of crayon (Crayola 64-pack with built-in sharpener). Showing some promise in this area, he expanded his repertoire to include pencils, pens and even Mr. Sketch scented magic markers (Peter was easily identified at the time by his perennial polychrome mustache). It was around this time that he began to write stories as well.

Peter went to Rutgers University where he continued to write and draw things. Somewhere between the two, people began to pay him for it. Past creative endeavors include:

  • Active participation in the Tomato ten-day workshops in Tokyo (2000), and the five-day workshop in New York City (2001).
  • Developing motion graphics and writing/directing entertainment segments for liins, John Gray, Richard Jeni, Norman Schwarzkopf, and Larry King
  • Writing, directing and editing promotional, documentary and music videos for Ecko Clothing
  • Designing motion interstitials for Nickelodeon™ and writing/illustrating a serialised comic book for Nick Online™
  • Developing opening titles and interstitial designs for PBS’s “New York Adventures” Peter’s cartoon work has also been featured in Backyard Monsters, a touring museum exhibit for children.

During 2001, Peter (a.k.a. Sean Annigans, a.k.a. “The White Knight of Roppongi”) migrated to the Left Coast where he continues to grow as a creator/developer of ideas, imagery, and story, frequently combining his skill and passion for conceptualization, writing, design, direction, editing, and animation. Recently, he has begun making noise as well, with increasingly occasional musical result. His collaboration with Eric Scott, under the moniker Salvador Dalek, remains one of the many unsolved mysteries of this century.

Official site : Pete

Pete Moraites releases on Day For Night

Salvador Dalek “Birth” (Day 035)

CD / Download
Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott/Day For Night, and Peter Moraites) "Birth" Day / download

Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott/Day For Night, and Peter Moraites) “Birth” Day / download

Salvador Dalek “Birth.” Day 035. by Salvador Dalek

“Birth” (Day 035) is the nascent studio outing of ambient and progressive cinematica artists Salvador Dalek. Not to be confused with its wiser, elder sibling Julie Android, Salvador Dalek operates in a sampladelic and definitionless universe.

Born June 2001 as a live remix identity of Eric Scott and Pete Moraites, this moniker is the one they have used since their first association, through the collaborative projects they have created following Tomato Workshops NYC, where they first chose recording and remixing as an outlet away from other professional activities in the fields of multimedia.

“DJ Rubberneck” Mix Series. Podcasts

Acid Vampire Lounge, Vol. 69
Day 047. Mission “ALIAS (Music To Inspire A Series)”
Eighties Without A Face : a gag-me of rock instrumentals from the archives, 1980-89
Electronica 4 : Miss Pink Rides Again!
Je Te Veux! (Miss Pink’s Electroclash Mixes)
Work For The Ear To Do : 1
Work For The Ear To Do : 2
00:01:02:00 : Lambchop’s Big Post-Rock Adventure
2.000.1 : The Rhythm Factory Sessions
2.000.2 : The Rhythm Factory Sessions
2.001.3 : The Dawn Of Electronica
2.001.4 : The Dawn Of Electronica
2.002.1 : I See Euro, I See Trance…
2.002.2 Rubber-Dub-Dub. The World Mix.
2.002.3 : Electronica 3 (1995 Here We Come!)
2.002.4 : Madonnica
2.002.5 : The Damsels Of Downtempo
2.002.6 : Hard Tail Summer Groove
2.003.1 : The BritPop 20… (Almost)… Nineteen Brits Plus One Aussie
2.008.1 : DJ Rubberneck’s Seaside Weekend

Found “Found1: A Stone” (Day 028)

CD / Download
Found (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Found1: A Stone” Day / download

Found (Eric Scott/Day For Night) “Found1: A Stone” Day / download

Unlike anything else found in this catalogue, “Found 1: A Stone” (Day 028) takes the listener along a naturally evolving, atmospheric journey, leading to unknown sonic realms… a series of underground railway stations, back alleys, cloisters, and disused quarries… Found merges raw sound recordings into an ambient electronic musical score.

Eric Scott “Vigilant” (Day 026)

CD / Download

“Vigilant” (Day 026) presents eleven tracks by Eric Scott, leading with the Britpop-tinged “My Nature”, and merging smoky trip hop, brooding melodies and dark keyboard layers, with the occasional upbeat diversion.

Day For Night “Nightly Standard” (Day 009)

Newsletter Campaign
Eric Scott / Day For Night “Nightly Standard” Day 009. Newsletter & Sitework

Eric Scott / Day For Night “Nightly Standard” Day 009. Newsletter & Sitework

The Nightly Standard Bulletin (a.k.a. “Day 009: the online rag”) is a periodical issued by Day For Night to notify friends and community of new audio releases, free downloads and events. It contains briefs on the label and artist news, features and audio clips, new online projects and siteworks, and further site news and updates. This newsletter is free, and it is available by text e-mail or by post.