09-1996-11-battersea-by-train5…2 years earlier, I didn’t know much yet about the web. To better understand it, I wrote, conceived and designed this thing, and titled it an “Internet Journey-by-Rail.”

I needed some inner clarification, while developing the abstract for the connected relationship between separate Days of the catalogue (for which I am presenting 100 total) and the spatial relationship between stations in a network. A similar abstract could have explained connections between railway stations in a transit network and broadcast stations in a radio/television/web network.

I visualised the NIGHTlinkRail network as a series of algorithms, based upon typical com-muter behavior on an urban transit system.


Analogous to the existence of different “platforms” in a subway stations to allow travelers at junctions to commute and switch between different transit lines, the NIGHTlink architecture also suggests a similar algorithm where the key variables are 10 Artists (x) and 100 Stations (y). There is a specific and finite number of possible connections using the x-y variables.

This fictionalized account intentionally suggests a new (old) model in intuitive graphic communication and information architecture (with sparing use of the term “telecommuting”).

Please enjoy the ride.