It took 7 years to figure out how I wanted to make music again. What it boiled down to was, I wanted making music to be easy, and free of a lengthy accounting or “clean-up” phase.

I also resented how I’d cornered myself using MIDI prior to 1993 — I was afraid of picking up an instrument and creating a work that could never be replicated.

I had studio envy — the idea that no matter what I was about to record, someone would later challenge the technical quality of the recording: if I’d used cassette, I should have used DAT. If I’d used DAT, I should have used a better mic and recording environment. Basically, I felt like I could never win. Not enough bass. Not enough high-end.

So MIDI had becoem this sterile, anabolic environment where the information was contained inside of boxes; and music was still an activity outside of my grasp.