Subverting the public space of the web has been Day For Night’s m.o. since 1995, when it began to create NIGHTlinkRail, NoelCrane.com and numerous web presences for the show ALIAS. The objective of such diversion was to distract and amuse, to subvert and shake.

Since, this has become absorbed into the “Integrated Spectacle” — it is increasingly commonplace for networks to think they’re being subversive, too, by creating Reality televisions and for a fictitious property to “converge” media. Naturally, there is more than a few media

What will happen when all media has been converged? Will reality TV go away? Or will it simply go back into supporting the public’s apparent adoration of this form of Spectacle?

To resolve this, we must educate ourselves. We must condition ourselves, by encouraging and rewarding patience, even tenaciousness. It might even involve re-training ourselves to put ourselves before the clients we work with. If I cannot endorse a product or service, then I must also exercise my right of refusal. I will grow my own food, and provide my own services to others who are like minded. I must recognize what makes this so important.