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Bandwagon Media

Brand Strategy and Identity Development
Bandwagon Media : Brand strategy, Logo and Identity Development by Day For Night.

Bandwagon Media : Brand strategy, Logo and Identity Development by Day For Night.

Bandwagon Media : Brand strategy, Logo and Identity Development by Day For Night.

Bandwagon Media : Brand strategy, Logo and Identity Development by Day For Night.

Custom Web Site Design & Development
Bandwagon Media - Site development and design by Eric Scott / Day For Night.

Bandwagon Media – Site development and design by Eric Scott / Day For Night.

Branding & Identity

Getting to know you is the first step in a branding and identity relationship, which includes our consultation and creative services in the following areas of planning, brand experience and design, brand management, brand intelligence and social media.

As mentioned previously, Day For Night would LOVE to sit down to have a chat with you, learn the gestalt of your brand’s culture and have a responsive discussion of where you’d like to take this; online, through print and other media.

The difference between ‘branding and identity’ and our other creative services is in the role your brand takes at the head of the discussion. We’d like to learn your beliefs and become fans of your company values and how to create alignment with your friends, your audience. Interactions that keep your brand relevant and authentic, and enrich your fans and your constituents.

To keep your brand relevant and authentic, networked and personalized through a close analysis and understanding of your vision and culture; your shared ideals, and brand’s architecture through sub-brands and so on. We love to listen.

And yes, we’d love to design for you, but if you’ve already got that covered, there’s still so much more left to discuss regarding your long-term goals. Your brand’s equity also informs your digital archival legacy, your online user experience, and your social media — all fitting into a bigger picture which we embrace as part of your overall creative strategy…

So let’s get our heads together, and make that happen.

Some of our work and clientele in this area:

Other related areas:

Custom Website Design

Our Approach: Basically — Say “no” to turnkey.

  • In the 1980s, having a business card meant you were “somebody”… back when printing cost more than about $30 for a personalized set, and not everyone (and their grandmother) had a logo outside their door.
  • In the 1990s, having a business card was the measurement for normalcy, and having a web presence meant you had your head out of the sand, and that you were actually looking towards a future…
  • In the 2000s, having a business card meant nearly nothing, and having a website meant you were basically now “average” (and not having one meant you were either some kind of mental defective, or possibly Amish)… and having a smartphone app meant you were probably an alien — and not to be trusted.
  • In this age, having any (or hopefully all) of the above, means you are consciencious about preserving the integrity of your brand’s equity, and that you are decidedly smart enough to see that the market is flooded with competitors. All of whom are trying to make a statement about their relevance in the very same industry which you have fought tremendously hard to have credibility in, while assuring your clientele that you are sincere and not in it for the “short game.”

The Day For Night approach to web development is about focusing on your brand and individuality. There are loads of templates and designs out there. Forget about them, they will add your (soon-to-be-“former”) brand and identity to the list of insignificant postcard sites, also known as brochureware, housed on a mass server and reducing your significance to nil.


Day For Night :: Client Portfolio

April 1998 marked the start date of Eric Scott’s career as Creative Director with Day For Night Multimedia. After a very productive “re-invention hiatus” of three months, re-focusing priorities from his previous role as Art Director with WorldWest Communications, Eric moved all of his attention on developing a compact and flexible studio environment; one which required little or no overhead and minimal cost outlay. The first commercial pitch was a home run: to Touchstone Television/Imagine Entertainment/Disney Online, for the design of a web presence for “Felicity” resident advisor Noel Crane.

The objective was two-fold; to create a viral marketing and word-of-mouth piece for the show, and allow for there to be spirit of discovery and renewal for fans of the show, who would discover, by only the most casual of mentions, that fictitious Noel’s homepage really did exist online. Today, a commonplace enough occurrence, but a pretty radical idea, back in 1998, when only the elite seemed to understand web tools well enough to devise a minimalistic presence.


2018 – 2019
Herb Alpert – Artist
MediaShift Technologies

2011 – 2017
Michael / Extravaganza Productions : Official Site / Production Company : Production Company Site : Official Site
Location Stock : HD Stock Video Catalogue / e-Commerce
Third : B2B Services for Camera Cars / Location Video shoots
Freadom : Non-profit promoting family reading time in the home
Steve : Official Site, e-Commerce & Digital Strategy
Epilepsy : Honoree video post-production for Frank Keating, Joyce Bender and military table appeal
Steve : Custom One Off Jewelry and Timepiece Creation

Andy Lakey Contemporary Works: Microsites
Unencountered Rogues Gallery & Studies
Unencountered Language / Kanji Paintings
One Heart Project : Lakey Angels : The work process
Crestone Group : Wholesale Bakery Website
EarthPress by UNFI : Video Design
Emanuel : Site re-design
Torah : Website
John : Voiceover Site re-design
ATLAS Experiment : Branding consultation/design
Galactic Pig : Website : Epilepsy Awareness : Official Site

2009 : Enhanced site for sound artist Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)
“Anything Goes” : Herb Alpert & Lani Hall microsite
Talk About : PSAs for Epilepsy Awareness
Dreifuss : Talk About It teaser site
“Legomation”: Viral Video for Talk About It
“Club Calloway” : Big Bad Voodoo Daddy microsite
Day 030: Talk About It podcast 
Unencountered by Andrew Lakey : Art book/Japan
Gallery 28 at
Gracie’s Closet : eCommerce store / dog boutique
Private Mortgage Fund LLC : Visual Identity / site
Assessment Appeal Advisors : Website
Julian : Site

2008 : Site design
Herb : Official Site
Herb Alpert : Site design
Y.T.B. International : Viral Quicktime Videos : Living Faith Christian Church
Contemporary Visual : Online Gallery and eCommerce Site

2007 / Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Official Site / Temple Beth-El of San Pedro
UCI Breast
Emanuel : Babak Emanuel Official Site
BBC Motion Gallery : Film Festival Print Brochure
Angel Magic 108 : Andy Lakey Art Book / Japan : Site Design Production : Microsite Design

Pete : Official Site & Sketchbook : Site design
Brilliant : Lakey Microsite : Lakey Microsite
Access Medical
Rick Macaya Campaign / CRC Print Ads
Colin Newman Interview : Creative Process
SWIM~ Screen Saver : 2006 “Millennium Edition”
Nature’s Tears Eye Mist / 0:10 TV Music / Design and site architecture / Engagement & Wedding Site

2005 : Sitework
INVIDI : DVD Menu Design and authoring
INVIDI Smart Tags: DVD Music
Experience : Sitework
Panasonic C3 Microsite : Microsite
Panasonic LB-20 Daylight View : Microsite
LAKEY : Silhouettes And Shadows : DVD Menu
Design / Original Musical Score / Sound Design
The Human Spirit
OneMedia / Soundtrack for Corporate presentation

David / Audi : Mash-Up
Integrex : Email Marketing Microsite
INVIDI: Flash Intro
Tower Art
Andy Lakey And
Day For : Weblog Homepage
J2 / eFax : Email Newsletters
Two Chefs On A
Commercial Realty Consultants / Identity
Commercial Realty Consultants /
UCIrvine : Center For Immunology
Silhouettes And
INVIDI : DVD Music Acts 1-4

VGlobal Media : Corporate presentation
International Avatar
1042 VoiceWorks : Brand / Joy Division & New Order
Julie Jones Realty : Motion brand : Experimental site navigation
USA Wireless : Trade/Environmental Graphics
Andy Lakey

People In
Lily Alexander : Identity
Day For Night : FLASH Site
Safe Environment Engineering /

Hard Tail
Tomato Workshops NYC :: Projects
• Polite : Day 044
• Audio Interaction
• Gallery Space
• Collective Publication : Motion brand : Season 4 Site
Felicity “Main Title Sequence” for the WB Network
ALIAS / keyword “ALIAS”
• Credit
• Alisha

Cyber Sci-Fi
iVative : Flash interstitial
Wildass : Creative Consortium Identity : Season 3 Site / 3D Paint & F/X

UCIrvine Graduate Program in Biotechnology
Work For The Ear To Do : CD Series
UCIrvine Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Silver Birches
The True
Sexy Hair / Ecoly International
OTI / Optimized Technologies, Inc.
Swim~ Microsite

Day For Night : Corporate Identity

1994 – 1998
Smokey Robinson “Who Am I Now” CD
Hotel Oceana : Marketing brochure
Secrets of Caesar’s Magical Empire : Book design
Television Games Network

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