Peter Moraites “Smokercraft” [Day 077]

Music Video

Peter Moraites “Smokercraft” Music Video (Day 077.dvd) from Day For Night.

(1:44 / QuickTime / 2003)
Director : Peter Moraites
Music : Peter Moraites

The journals and sketchbooks of Peter Moraites form the textual landscape upon which “Smokercraft” is settled; a wry juxtaposition of the sampled guitar played by Moraites’ uncle Bill (of 70s Smokercraft fame) and Pete’s organic reconstructions.

Download MP3 Commentary by Peter Moraites and Eric Scott (Salvador Dalek)

Rhythm Factory :: Save The Day [Day 044]

CD / Download

Rhythm Factory “Saves The Day” (Day 044) draws further from ambient, jungle and progressive house, as composer / producer Eric Scott unveils a series of electronica miniatures.

Peter Moraites “Simpletongue” [Day 077]

Music Video

Peter Moraites “Simpletongue” Music Video from Day For Night.

(3:55 / QuickTime / 2003)
Director: Peter Moraites
Music: Peter Moraites

It’s a poem. Yes, that’s it. A poem. Yes.

Download MP3 Commentary by Peter Moraites & Eric Scott (Salvador Dalek)

Day For Night :: BPM Calculator v1.3 [Day 092]


The BPM Calculator (Beats Per Minute)is a free compositional aid for musicians and DJs. It allows the user to calculate precise tempos, loop lengths, delays and key signature / pitch shifts.

This popular tool is a free download as a desktop application for Macintosh and Windows.

Download for free:
Macintosh (bin-hex/.hqx file, opens using StuffitExpander): 352 kB
Windows (.zip file, opens using WinZip, etc.): 80 kB
Read Me (rtf/text) file

008 BPM Calculator Still

Peter Moraites :: Cinemathematica [Day 088]

CD | Download

Peter Moraites is by nature a visual artist, and this shows through in his musical atmospheres. From his background as writer, director, illustrator, photographer and editor, Moraites leans every instrument towards its most percussive qualities; emphasizing hammered guitar strings, pizzicato trombones, tentative but mellifluous piano lines, and the occasionally identifiable 4/4 rhythm pattern in an otherwise odd-sox of tempos and time signatures. The impression is overall beguiling, especially as he has only been creating music for just a year.

The forty-three exploratory works on“Cinemathematica” (Day 088) evolve through gentle melodic shifts and drones amidst colliding rhythm programs and percussion centers, where experimental ambience reigns in a fourth-world kind of way. Tense and anxious, while alternately hypnotic and beautiful, Cinemathematica elaborates upon the young artist’s multimedia and film-scoring potential. Never lacking in gravitas, these abbreviated compositions – many under two minutes – flow together or signal an editorial sea-change.

Rhythm Factory :: On the Trail of the Latin House Lover [Day 042]

CD | Download

“On the Trail of the Latin House Lover” (Day 042) shows Rhythm Factory exploring – while getting lost in a pre-Autumnal – new musical territory. Composer/producer Eric Scott is at his most spatial here, opening with a meditational trilogy: the beatless “AESM (Light Remix),” melding into the percussive ambient mind-field of “The Stenotelegrapher” and resolving upon the lush trance-drone of “The Acid Room“…

The fanciful and upbeat Northern-pop of “Deaf In Ishen” sets the stage, though the humble introductions are soon over, replaced by the progressive house of “Headboard” and “Okapi,” and flanked by the alternately eclectic IDM of “Lap Dog Of Luxury” and “14 Months Peach,” the junglism of “Bornes” and the drillier “Dark Pork,” and the light-hearted disco-distractions of “Acid Skiffle” and “Mondays Alive“… Train music for your next holidays abroad.

Salvador Dalek vs. NIGHTfonts :: Mission [Day 047]

CDR | Download

NIGHTfonts, an imprint of Day For Night, came into existence as part of a greater mission; to create and distribute new typefaces that read well with concern for the limitations of screen-based viewing.

“Control” (Day 047), the first family of NIGHTfonts, consists of 6 Truetype font faces available for Mac or PC: NF Stop, NF Order, NF Listen, NF Impose, NF Enjoy and NF Receive.

NIGHTlinkRail :: Enter Active [Day 019]

Interactive CD-R | Sitework

An experiential CD-R comprising the full internet project, Enter Active (Day 019) opens its doors at the homepage at Station 019, and presents a guide through the full 100 stations, along with the mixed marketingese messages and multimedia of Day For Night’s deliberately confusing and ironic railway parody, in a self-contained, hermetically-sealed universe.

Periodically updated, Enter Active also offers CD-quality music and audio excerpts, elaborates upon the site concept, and is fully- compatible with the Macintosh and Windows platforms. It is currently available, free of charge, to Day For Night site users and subscribers of the Nightly Standard.

More about
NIGHTlinkRail Custom Sitework
NIGHTlinkRail Travel Planner (Download)
“You Are Here” Interstitial Video Animation
NIGHTlinkRail – The Essays (from Day 040 “Obsessions”)

Eric Scott “Lullabies For Cats” [Day 051]

CD | Download

“Lullabies For Cats” (Day 051) compiles the avant-garde jazz-classical tracks of composer Eric Scott, from the period 1991-2002, fuses them into a 65-minute mix of concert-hall cinematica.

Day For Night :: Manifesto [Day 017]

Book | Words & Images by Eric Scott

Manifesto, the Day For Night book released in first edition in 2001, now enhanced with brand new interviews and texts at 148 pp. (hardcover)
Manifesto, the Day For Night book released in first edition in 2001, now enhanced with brand new interviews and texts at 148 pp. (hardcover)

For “Manifesto” (Day 017) Day For Night rethink sub-urban planning, in a typographic journal and overview of Day For Night. Post-Situationist propaganda films covers the walls of NIGHTlinkRail, hammering on about the overthrow of cultural leadership and the entertainment channels that fuel “big news.”

Post-revolution theories abound; albeit tongue-in-cheek, while “Big ideas” cross pollinate with more Situationism to create a collection that is naturally an ongoing work-in-progress.

Künstfabriken :: Tha Groove EP [Day 037]

CD-R | Download

Rhythm Factory :: The Case of the Chiming Clock [Day 034]

CD / Download

Rhythm Factory “The Case of the Chiming Clock” (Day 042) lifts the shroud, and reduces the fictitious, mystery-solving electronics trio to a solo artist. Producer and composer Eric Scott draws influence from the ambient (“Drumbience Modulator”), drum’n’bass (“Snake Charmer,” “Swing Kids Fly Off”, “®-018”) and breakbeat (“Gamma”) as much as straightforward techno (“Burst Image Bank,” “Deep Dog,” “Cosey Inner Fanni”) and progressive house (“Sawtunthe,” “Filmy”).

Rhythm Factory :: Helix [Day 032]

CD | Download

With “Primer” (Day 034)Rhythm Factory (producer/composer Eric Scott) replaces a darker outer coat of ambient IDM electronica, with a lighter, latex micropercussion as its dominant texture. Presenting a set of instrumental explorations: “Bianca,” “Microhomemusic,” “Auntie Nell’s Cash Skeleton” and “Quillocet” define the edges of the stage.

Depending upon one’s interpretation of the word primer; an elementary reader for young spellers, covering basic moral ideology and concepts – or equivalently the small charge before the main detonation – one’s listening emphasis may shift during this tour around the basic elements of Rhythm Factory’s own liturgical “Book Of Hours” – another primer in its own right.

NIGHTfonts :: Style [Day 027]

CDR | Download

NIGHTfonts, an imprint of Day For Night, came into existence as part of a greater mission; to create and distribute new typefaces that read well with concern for the limitations of screen-based viewing.

“Style” (Day 027), the first family of NIGHTfonts, consists of 6 Truetype font faces available for Mac or PC: NF Stop, NF Order, NF Listen, NF Impose, NF Enjoy and NF Receive.

Rhythm Factory :: Brum ‘N’ Dass EP [Day 024v]

CD | Download

“Suck” (Day 024) evolved quickly – beyond the simple companion EP to “Push” it was intended to be – into a proper album on its own. Rhythm Factory’s ten new tracks are fueled by the darker Drum’n’Basscounterpanes of “Zikcfukc (Livin Large),” “Zaouk (Petropolis),” and “Zuq (Itch To Scratch)”… Meanwhile, anthemic basslines and guitars draw blood during housier excursion “262111 (Clubsexy)”… A further exploration by composer/producer Eric Scott into breakbeat junglism.

Brum’N’Dass EP

The Nightly Standard [Day 009]

Newsletter Campaign

The Nightly Standard Bulletin (a.k.a. “Day 009: the online rag”) is a periodical issued by Day For Night to notify friends and community of new audio releases, free downloads and events. It contains briefs on the label and artist news, features and audio clips, new online projects and siteworks, and further site news and updates. This newsletter is free, and it is available by text e-mail or by post.


Rhythm Factory :: Suck [Day 024]

CD | Download

“Suck” (Day 024) evolved quickly – beyond the simple companion EP to “Push” it was intended to be – into a proper album on its own. Rhythm Factory’s ten new tracks are fueled by the darker Drum’n’Basscounterpanes of “Zikcfukc (Livin Large),” “Zaouk (Petropolis),” and “Zuq (Itch To Scratch)”… Meanwhile, anthemic basslines and guitars draw blood during housier excursion “262111 (Clubsexy)”… A further exploration by composer/producer Eric Scott into breakbeat junglism.

Brum’N’Dass EP

Rhythm Factory :: Push [Day 022]

CD | Download

“Push” (Day 022) shows Rhythm Factory as a shadow of its former self, in this long-awaited reinvention, ditching its identity as protagonist of “journey musics,” and immersing itself deeper into a progressive, dreamhouse bath. Composer/ producer Eric Scott returns to the studio after a 4-year hiatus (…after singing mostly the equivalent of 95 separate C90 cassettes’ worth of dictaphone-demos), and refines the cream of the crème here into a hybrid IDM/house symphony.

Featuring chiming lead lines and elements of anthemic techno (“Panic,” “Pearl”), Push fuses strains of world-indie (“Prawn,” “Psalm”) – its 16 tracks are an upbeat, while introspective, new offering.

Rhythm Factory :: All Mine! [Day 014]

CD | Download

“All Mine” (Day 014) – the proposed single from Rhythm Factory‘s “Play Pop!” – was mislaid as official catalogue product, while mastering decisions held up the latter title’s release in 1992. The single was shelved, and has only just recently seen the light of the millennium.

Powered by deeply insistent, resonant grooves and mellifluous ambience, this release features two instrumental mixes of the track, plus “Lisa’s House.”

Sexus :: Musical Anamorphosis No. 1 [Day 025]

CD | Download

The term anamorphosis refers to a form of distortion and perspective viewing. Consider the divergent methods of painter Hans Holbein and his painterly occlusions, which, when viewed upon a skewed angle, revealed a secondary visual agenda that was all his own.

The release “Musical Anamorphosis No. 1” (Day 025) assembles five pieces composed by Eric Scott, and whose meter have been altered significantly by figurative time-stretching, and whose performance requires additional stamina from its mythical agents; a fabricated MIDI ensemble performing these keyboard works, from a collection of recordings originally released in 1994. Key works include “Music From 3 Hats“, “Clair De Lunatic“, “Musical Anamorphosis No. 1“, “All In Piano” and “Detained (in Dm, 8 bpm)

Eric Scott :: 50 Minutes From Paris [Day 031]

CD | Download

Eric Scott describes “50 minutes from Paris” (Day 031) as “a collection of piano miniatures. At the time I was composing much of “Paris: A Musical Overpass,” my musical attitudes were to embrace methods of formal composition formerly unexplored by me…so I was researching listening to the entire Satie catalogue, looking for a pattern in his compositional evolution…

“I wanted to find parallels in my own work; some of that was purely for inspirational. He seemed like such a sad but brilliant little man, and so unappreciated by many, that I felt I might begin to do justice by first understanding that, and to get the feeling of my playing right. So during that period, I became much more interested in music that could speak in very short phrases, and eloquently enough not to require a full orchestra or band of any sort. ‘Sports et Divertissements,’ ‘Sonneries de la Rose et Croix’ and ‘Embryons Desseches’ were best examples of where I wanted to go next with that music. But for some reason, I made this album instead!”

Works include “Trocadèro No. 1“, “Un Moment, S.V.P.“, “Accept Small Services”, “Arts Et Mètiers No. 1”, “Cité Universitaire”, “Segue No. 1”, “Ronde No. 3”, “Pyramide”, “Trocadèro No. 2“, “Rond-Point d’Etoile”, “Allez…!”, “Parc De Sceaux | 26.6.86”, “Segue No. 2”, “La Géode”, “Arts et Mètiers No. 2”, “Un Moment Revisité”, “L’Air du Polisson” and “Parc De Sceaux (Full-Length)”.

Eric Scott :: Postcards From The Elephant [Day 023]

CD | Download

A thematically-varied cross-section from Eric Scott’s early instrumental music, “Postcards From The Elephant” (Day 023) has elicited equally colorful responses from its many listeners since its first release in 1994: “music for a Romanian beach festival,” and “cartoon music for the mind”.

The composer adds “I only hoped it would shatter any illusions at the time, that I was only out to make background music for films. Too much underscore demands little from the listener, and the marriage of sound to image remains largely unexploited, still to this day…Not always a fair exchange. I’ve always preferred those filmmakers, whose attitudes marry a compelling score to their images, and who have attracted composers who create foreground music that can be adapted functionally for use in their films. “…Elephant” was never intended to be a definitive statement on all my work, but more of a collection that would represent my identity as a composer of modern instrumental music, set to attract an ideal equation of tastes.”

Eric Scott :: Paris: A Musical Overpass [Day 021]

CD | Download

NIGHTlink Rail Station 021 – “Overpass” – is a stop along its newly-evolving underground network. And “Paris: A Musical Overpass” (Day 021) expresses a cinematic quality that creates vivid images of transition, through intervals-based chord sequences. From the opposing movements of the aggressive “Le 7eme,” to the orchestral ambience of “Gare De Lyon,” and post-minimalist flourishes of urban subway anxiety on such pieces as “Metro Ligne no. 8” and “La Banlieue,” composer Eric Scott creates a tension which, at once, introduces new elements of both mystery and intrigue.

Unlike soundtracks which depend primarily upon visuals, “Paris” constructs a narrative which carries the listener upon a new journey; “Le 7eme” chases time signatures up the Right Bank, and into one of the artier zones – “a neighborhood I would choose for myself.” A self-contained proposition of over two dozen miniatures, “Paris” unfolds upon many levels across repeated listening – a seductive and imaginative companion piece to a city.

Rhythm Factory :: Play House! [Day 012]

CD | Download

In the late 1980s, and on into the year 1990, Rhythm Factory remixed a total of 11 tracks by Eric Scott, as “Play House!” (Day 012). These tracks signaled, for Eric, a shift away from indie-pop songwriting, pushing him further into the realm of the underground club mix. Vocal takes originally recorded were stripped down or even removed, often replaced altogether with chattering sequencer lines and samples. Song structures were deconstructed and verses modified, often favoring increased expedition of the product. Soon after, all parties could see a new musical objective emerging…

Rhythm Factory take the music of Eric Scott and apply a continually shifting musical palette, distilling in some cases, and messing around as always. Day 012 is an archival recording, and as is the nature of club music, certain mixes fall, at times, from the height of fashion; some sounds even become dated or slightly silly. We believe they should. “House” is a pastiche of the late 80s and early 90s music. Future Music or Retro? We can never have too much of either. “We are looking forward to the breakdown of the singularity in the art-object; people are no longer designing finished works, but unfinished ones, to be remixed, restructured. We are no longer consumers of “finished” work…Are we unfinished? Are we unfinishable?”

Eric Scott :: Addictions [Day 030]

Book (Words: Eric Scott) + CD

Design: Eric Scott | Day For Night label & multimedia

In Day 030 “Addictions” first two volumes, “Simple words,” “Hazy memories,” Eric Scott joins verse and graphic images. Printed in 4.75″ square format, this very-limited release is housed in a double-cd jewel case, accompanied by a hand-picked selection of finished songs and recordings, most of which were the by-product of these writings from the late 1980s and early 90s.


Eric Scott & The Everyday :: Waterfalls [Day 016]

CD | Download

The brooding “Waterfalls” (Day 016) is an odd diversion from a mostly instrumental legacy, but Eric Scott puts the record straight: “I’ve always been attracted to dark songs. I wrote this one to be slow, evem though I’m truly not into ballads. After having played all the instruments, sang all of the parts, I started “frowning down” upon it; because it felt out of place, and after my avoidance in a career in serious songwriting it just didn’t fully work.

“So then, it’s about ten years later, and my girlfriend (who is now my wife) goes and remixes the song as a birthday surprise to me, and makes it about 30 percent faster – I love this remix!”

Day For Night :: Outpost (Catalogue) [Day 007]

ePub | Interactive Catalogue

“Need a Journey Idea or an Away-Day? All Trips Leaving From This Spot Are in the Mind!” warns the billboard at NIGHTlinkRail Station 007. Make the connection to the Outpost (Day 007) – the perfect spot to start a Mystery Tour…


Just begin by choosing a Station ID at random from the Wall Planner… From the Mystery Trips Tunnel ad, NIGHTlinkRail invites all users to browse the Journey Matrix– a grid representing all 100 stations as obscured from their context, form or function.

Day 007 "Catalogue" Original Print Brochure - Art Direction by Eric Scott
Day 007 “Catalogue” Original Print Brochure – Art Direction by Eric Scott

Von Trapps :: Sculptured [Day 015]

CD | Download

The Von Trapps was a one-off project created by singer / lyricist Doug Green and instrumentalist / producer Eric Scott. Sporadic recordings made in the early 1990s culminated with “Sculptured” (Day 015) – foreshadowing ample breakbeat loops, and foresaken electronic drum sounds, disappearing for another ten years or so.

Eric Scott :: Ghosts & Masks [Day 013]

CD | Download

The archival release “Ghosts & Masks” (Day 013), collects some of the best – and earliest – instrumental demos and experiments recorded solo by Eric Scott, during the period between 1984-1990. Precipitated by a continual demand and search for new film-score ideas, much of Ghosts & Masks was recorded while Eric completed an undergraduate degree at USC. A formative, compositional persona emerged for Eric over these recordings, which feature keyboard, guitar and tape experiments – with sombre, atmospheric leanings.

Eric Scott :: Tunes & Mythologies [Day 005]

CD | Download

Eric Scott “Tunes & Mythologies” (Day 005) is a collection of 100 keyboard miniatures improvised from a set of (previously unlistened-to) patch tones. “Over the course of two days, I created this odd little collection of pieces, each theme originally performed improvisationally as a reaction to hearing three notes and through a solo patch (synthesizer voicing), and conjuring up a sort of alien dreamscape imagery.”

First released in 1992 on cassette as “Minimalismus 1-100,” this release is currently out of print.

Eric Scott :: Reprise [Day 011]

CD | Download

For the “Reprise” (Day 011) single and sampler, we revisit 3 top tracks from composer Eric Scott’s themes for keyboards and ensemble. Fill your next audio journey with the icy mood swings and modern classical counterpoints of “Chapala St. – 9 pm – Westbound,” “Angel In My Arms” and “Breathe / 3 Mains Reprise.”

Rhythm Factory :: In The Acid [Day 004]

CD | Download

Rhythm Factory’s 1991 “In The Acid” (Day 004) brings Middle-Eastern modalities into a meeting with abrasive samples and stabs, to create two pieces of a cinematic, albeit coarser, exotic flavor.

Eric Scott: “These formed at a time when my interest in Belgian New Beat and Hardfloor aligned with release of the first Macintosh digital editing tools. I was considering going and living in Belgium at the time, and frankly, these pieces were intended as a way of paying my plane fare to get there!”

Eric Scott :: 14 Friends [Day 006]

CD | Download

The sixth release “14 Friends” (Day 006), released solo by Eric Scott in 1991 represents some of the sharpest of his early song output aimed at college radio. Recordings from these germinal new wave years 1985-1988, feature Eric on vocals (today this would be a rarity), guitars, bass, percussion and keyboards.

“14 Friends” immediately drew comparisons to Julian Cope, John Cale and New Order in its honest (albeit blemished) approach, and its leanings towards dark textures against melodic, uptempo keyboard progressions.

Eric Scott :: The Performing Man [Day 003]

CD | Download

Inspired by mythical performance art ensemble The Theatre Of Panic, “The Performing Man” (Day 003) was conceived by Eric Scott as the experimental ambient, world-indie, synth-pop-influenced soundtrack for a “fictitious live spectacle,” in which all stage performers were meant to follow a set of open-ended instructions to accompany each piece. To contradict the nature of the “disposable” image of performance art, this score applies a world-indie orchestration to a subject so ephemeral, a potential gesture of broadening or to immortalize artistic appeal.

Rhythm Factory :: Technopolitan [Day 002]

CD | Download

Rhythm Factory’s “Technopolitan” (Day 002) was realized in 1991 as a solo remix endeavor for producer/composer Eric Scott, in which he recontextualises 15 of his favorite self-penned indie pop tracks. Fueled in equal parts by obsessions with Belgian New Beat, Electronic Body Music and Acid House, the mix becomes a single work of groove-based electronica, taking form across a two-day (sleepless) production marathon mix/edit session.

The result is an experiment in the fringe of listening and driving music. Like a train journey, Technopolitan speeds along a single set of rails for thirty minutes, while new electronic landscapes emerge and fly past. Also joined by four-to-the-floor and hip-house variations on “Once Is Not Enough,” Day 002 concludes with “Thank You K.V.,” a tentative but compelling deep house finale.

Eric Scott :: 3 Mains [Day 001]

CD | Download

1991 saw release of the first disc in the Day For Night imprint, introducing composer Eric Scott to new music circles with “3 Mains” (Day 001). A collection of fifteen suites and miniatures arranged for piano and ensemble, these recordings are constructed and emulated via lo-fi synthetics and samples in lieu of a proper chamber orchestra. For this moving collection of pieces, Eric adopted the genre “avant-garde-jazz-classical – an edgier and more insistent, antithetical cousin to easy listening.”

Day For Night :: Client Portfolio

April 1998 marked the start date of Eric Scott’s career as Creative Director with Day For Night Multimedia. After a very productive “re-invention hiatus” of three months, re-focusing priorities from his previous role as Art Director with WorldWest Communications, Eric moved all of his attention on developing a compact and flexible studio environment; one which required little or no overhead and minimal cost outlay. The first commercial pitch was a home run: to Touchstone Television/Imagine Entertainment/Disney Online, for the design of a web presence for “Felicity” resident advisor Noel Crane.

The objective was two-fold; to create a viral marketing and word-of-mouth piece for the show, and allow for there to be spirit of discovery and renewal for fans of the show, who would discover, by only the most casual of mentions, that fictitious Noel’s homepage really did exist online. Today, a commonplace enough occurrence, but a pretty radical idea, back in 1998, when only the elite seemed to understand web tools well enough to devise a minimalistic presence.


2018 – 2019
Herb Alpert – Artist
MediaShift Technologies

2011 – 2017
Michael / Extravaganza Productions : Official Site / Production Company : Production Company Site : Official Site
Location Stock : HD Stock Video Catalogue / e-Commerce
Third : B2B Services for Camera Cars / Location Video shoots
Freadom : Non-profit promoting family reading time in the home
Steve : Official Site, e-Commerce & Digital Strategy
Epilepsy : Honoree video post-production for Frank Keating, Joyce Bender and military table appeal
Steve : Custom One Off Jewelry and Timepiece Creation

Andy Lakey Contemporary Works: Microsites
Unencountered Rogues Gallery & Studies
Unencountered Language / Kanji Paintings
One Heart Project : Lakey Angels : The work process
Crestone Group : Wholesale Bakery Website
EarthPress by UNFI : Video Design
Emanuel : Site re-design
Torah : Website
John : Voiceover Site re-design
ATLAS Experiment : Branding consultation/design
Galactic Pig : Website : Epilepsy Awareness : Official Site

2009 : Enhanced site for sound artist Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)
“Anything Goes” : Herb Alpert & Lani Hall microsite
Talk About : PSAs for Epilepsy Awareness
Dreifuss : Talk About It teaser site
“Legomation”: Viral Video for Talk About It
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Day 030: Talk About It podcast 
Unencountered by Andrew Lakey : Art book/Japan
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2008 : Site design
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2007 / Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Official Site / Temple Beth-El of San Pedro
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Day For Night : Corporate Identity

1994 – 1998
Smokey Robinson “Who Am I Now” CD
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Not necessarily; however, a pair of synchronization documents will need to be produced upon request before manufacturing and distributing any music licensed from us. You will more than likely require a Master-Use confirmation and/or a Synchronization/Theatrical Performance Use Confirmation form, if the licensed music is for distribution (such as on DVD).

Please contact Day For Night directly with any such requests at this link, and we will be very happy to help you get started!

Rhythm Factory :: Gallery

Genres: Electronica / Instrumental / Progressive House / Acid House / Progressive Ambient

Jupiter, Pete and Gez (they avoid using their surnames publicly) have a claim to fame in the development of obscure and unusual technologies, building equipment by hand that merges crude with state of the art and in sound research. Originally calling themselves Rhythm Defenders, this audio hobbyist trio maintain free-agent career status, which often finds them called in to solve audio-related mysteries in their spare time.

Some of their designs include the following:
1. A web-based sound cannon capable of emitting infrasound.
2. Anechoic “cones” of silence
3. Audio-reactive chambers fitted specially for the monitoring and recording of subject behavior, testing sound emissions (artifacts)
4. Hand-held accessories to facilitate recording, and that can be worn on the head or on the person of the recordist: “compact and lightweight.”
5. Reverb tanks and chambers.
6. Prepared pianos and other “modified” digital instruments.
7. Multi-platform / distributed “endless” loops and delay devices.
8. PDA-format Sonar

Remarkably, they look like brothers, but are unrelated, and are almost never seen in full headshot in publicity photos. They have since insisted upon retaining some element of anonymity.

Jupiter, or Jupe to his friends, studied contemporary composition at university in Southern California. Disenchanted in the 80s by the prospect of teaching a film-school driven student base, motivated purely by a need to conform to Hollywood interests, he left behind the prospects of becoming a full-time educator, and now moon-lights in a record store specializing in hard-to-find and archival recordings. Simultaneously responsible for cataloguing music and sound into the university radio station database, he has contributed heavily to the preservation of a musical heritage, by sharing an appreciation for history, above and beyond that of peers. He is well-versed in the recorded history of electronic musique-concrete from the western world, and presently telecommutes from Paris via a G4 titanium laptop.

Pete is a theme / jingle composer, with a technical background in record engineering and electronic composition; pursuits include a successful ringtone e-commerce site. Also a MIDI enthusiast and hobbyist, he has one of the largest private keyboard museums in the world, collecting and refurbishing archaic analog equipment, and maintaining a standard of usability for all sounds, “new and old.” He is recently married, with an infant daughter.

Gez works for French experimental sound lab, Dyslexip-Coflexip, pioneering infrasound and the research of its effects upon human and animal life. A follower of Vladimir Gavreau, he has pursued a secondary background in environmental field recording, amassing an impressive library of over 3500 DAT tapes, recorded first-hand during his global travel activities. “I just pack it all in a sack and just go places. I crawl under things, I wait, hit record… I close-miked a leopard in Peru who nearly killed me as I was trying to record the sound of her cub nursing…madness!”

Gez, a.k.a. “Beardy,” spent experimental years mixing LSD and infrasound, occasionally waking himself up to an 11 Hz tone in the morning, emitted by speaker cones under his mattress. “I’m slowly working my way down to 7 Hz,” he boasts, “I’m becoming impervious to the effects of sonic terrorism, one day at a time… Plus it keeps me regular.”

Rhythm Factory are currently working and telecommuting from a self-built studio loft and greenhouse in Paris, overlooking the Seine, near the Boulevard Des Grands Augustins.

Allegedly a pseudonym for composer / producer Eric Scott, a wholly dubious biography also emerged for Rhythm Factory in 1995, presenting claim to the name by a trio of audio subversives named Gez, Pete and Jupe, who solve audio-based mysteries.

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