Salvador Dalek

Salvador Dalek Live :: Day 055.10 Podcast

Recorded Live at Trip­notic (The Room) in Santa Mon­ica
on August 2, 2012

A 2+ Hour Mix featuring featuring Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Bjork, Howie B, Depeche Mode, The Orb, International Peoples Gang, The XX, Phantogram, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Moloko, Leftfield, Warp label artists Boards of Canada & Red Snapper, Swim~ label artists dollop, Malka Spigel, Ronnie & Clyde & Akatombo, plus Natural Calamity, Charles Webster, Trellis, Alex Gopher, Billie Holliday, Heights of Abraham, Looper, Gold Zebra, 1 Giant Leap, DJ Krush… and the Unknown Ghosts… recorded live at Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge, (Santa Monica, CA)!

01 dol-lop – Qoke
02 Natural Calamity – As You Know
03 Portishead – Tribute To Monk & Canatella
04 Portishead – Wandering Star Remix
05 Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground (The Umbrellas of Ladywell Mix #2)
06 Bjork – I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One-Sunshine Mix)
07 The Orb – Orban Tumbleweed
08 Charles Webster – Be No-One
09 Malka Spigel – Humans
10 Depeche Mode – Painkiller
11 Trellis – Sniff
12 Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
13 Depeche Mode – Higher Love
14 International People’s Gang – Into The Hole
15 Ronnie & Clyde – Bad Memory
16 Neotropic – Aloo Gobi
17 Q-Burns Abstract Message – Feel
18 Moloko – Day For Night
19 Alex Gopher – The Child (featuring Billie Holliday)
20 Leftfield – A Final Hit
21 Akatombo – Panacea
22 Q-Burns Abstract Message – Enter/Other
23 Heights of Abraham – All The Time In The World
24 Looper – These Things
25 The XX – Intro
26 Gold Zebra – Back In The Dust
27 dol-lop – Phase
28 1 Giant Leap – My Culture (Salvador Dalek Remix)
29 Phantogram – When I’m Small
30 Howie B – Take Your Partner By The Hand (Red Snapper Mix)
31 Red Snapper – Bussing
32 Bjork – Army Of Me
33 Boards Of Canada – Kid For Today
34 DJ Krush – Song 1
35 Neotropic – Weeds
36 The Unknown Ghosts – Kingdom Of The Eye

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Salvador Dalek Live :: Day 055.07 Podcast

Recorded Live at Trip­notic (The Room) in Santa Mon­ica
on March 15, 2012

A 2-hour mix special featuring Swim~ label artists: Malka Spigel, Oracle, Ronnie & Clyde, Akatombo, dol-lop and Githead… plus Scanner, International Peoples Gang, Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, Faust, Durutti Column, Massive Attack, Howie B, Rhythm Factory (Day For Night), Boards of Canada, Thievery Corporation, Depeche Mode, Primal Scream, Trellis, Moby, Scuba, Paul Weller, DJ Shadow, David Holmes, Sarah Cracknell (Saint Etienne), Ruby, Sofa Surfers, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin and Madonna… recorded live at Tripnotic Downtempo Lounge, (Santa Monica, CA)!

Day 055.07 : ReFresh – Salvador Dalek Live (2012_0315) at by Eric Scott on Mixcloud

1. Primal Scream Trainspotting
2. Malka Spigel – Humans
3. Madonna – Candy Perfume Girl
4. Ronnie & Clyde – Theme From A Lazy Life
5. Akatombo – Overheat
6. Durutti Column – No More Hurt
7. Trellis – Camel
8. International People’s Gang – Nine Churchill Drive
9. dol-lop – Phase
10. Massive Attack – Man Next Door
11. Scanner – Mass Observation : Optic Code
12. Moby – Rushing
13. Scuba – So You Think You’re Special
14. Githead – Drop
15. Rhythm Factory – Pbjck (Disinformation)
16. Paul Weller – Wildwood (Portishead Remix)
17. DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part One – Blue Skies Revisit)
18. Durutti Column – Nina
19. Akatombo – Dry-Loop
20. David Holmes & Sarah Cracknell – Gone
21. Ruby – Flippin’ Tha Bird [Ceasefire Mix]
22. International Peoples Gang – Angel Delight
23. Ronnie & Clyde – Twice Removed
24. Hooverphonic – Eden
25. Sneaker Pimps – Velvet Divorce
26. Faust – Meltdown Of T-Electronique & Apocalypse (Remixed by Sofa Surfers)
27. Oracle – Flow
28. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Ballade De Melody Nelson (Howie B Remix)
29. Depeche Mode – Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)
30. Boards Of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
31. Boards Of Canada – Sixtyten
32. The Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satellite
33. Q Burns Abstract Message – Feel

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Salvador Dalek :: Day 055.01 Podcast

Trypnotica DJ Mix Set on Mixcloud

A 1+ Hour Mix featuring dol-lop, Ronnie & Clyde, Tricky, Hooverphonic, Trellis, Everything But The Girl, Four Tet, Depeche Mode, Red Snapper, UNKLE, Moloko and Salvador Dalek!

Day 055.01 : ReFresh – Salvador Dalek’s Trypnotica… Phase 1 by Eric Scott on Mixcloud


  1. Salvador Dalek – Podcast Intro (Day For Night)
  2. Dol-lop – Phase (Swim~)
  3. Ronnie & Clyde – Theme From A Lazy Life (Swim~)
  4. Tricky – Makes Me Wanna Die (4th & Broadway)
  5. Hooverphonic – 2wicky (Columbia)
  6. Trellis – Car Park (Silva Screen)
  7. Trellis – Vibrobedhead (Silva Screen)
  8. Hooverphonic – Inhaler (Columbia)
  9. Everything But The Girl – Hatfield 1980 (V2)
  10. Trellis – Moon Away (Silva Screen)
  11. Trellis – Akoustica (Silva Screen)
  12. Four Tet – No More Mosquitoes (Boom Bip Remix) (Text)
  13. Depeche Mode – Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister / K&D Sessions Mix) (!K7)
  14. Red Snapper – Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise Remix) (Warp)
  15. Unkle featuring Ian Brown – Be There (MoWax)
  16. Moloko – Day For Night (Virgin)
  17. Salvador Dalek – Podcast Outro (Day For Night)

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Various Artists “OverCast” Podcast

Day For Night Podcast Series / Downloads

“OverCast” is a themed series of eclectic podcast mixes (genres ranging from fringe electronica, drum ‘n’ bass, trip-hop and downtempo, avant-garde-jazz-classical, spoken-word sound collage) and curated by the Day For Night artists Eric ScottSalvador DalekPeter Moraites and more.

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Day 020 : “Music From The Park” (Found Mix)
Day 030 : “Addictaphone” (The Creativity Podcast)
Day 060 : “Re:Fresh” (Salvador Dalek Mix)
Day 070 : “Hospital Radio” (Day For Night Mix)
Day 100 : “Terminus” (Day For Night Mix)

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Luc Ferrari Remix "Hörspiel"

Chronopolis Dub Remix by Eric Scott / Download
Hommage à Luc Ferrari - Chronopolis D•U•B by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

Hommage à Luc Ferrari – Chronopolis D•U•B by Eric Scott (Day For Night)

The setting of this work takes the listener, over seventeen minutes, along a journey – from the factory (the birthplace) to the stage (youth – through theatre, spectacle and illusion) via the countryside (peace, retirement) and concluding in a sanctuary. This HORSPIEL indirectly references the human condition, from birth to death. …HORSPIEL is a tribute as well to the late composer Luc Ferrari, who passed away in 2005 and who is greatly missed by all those who knew and loved his work.

A guide to the original Luc Ferrari sounds used in the piece are available from this link:

Extract From Composer’s Notes by Eric Scott

…Ferrari introduces his Tautologie; whereby a machinist’s saw signals a Caesarean birth as the “Usine” groove smashes in, punctuated by sharp attacks and pulsations, and presaging the Shakespearean (Stratford) montage of violent battle, with sword hits and exclamatory grunts. Le petit train (Strauss) then takes us out… and into an atmospheric segment, leading us to an adaptation of an original Salvador Dalek work – “Doop” – remixed from the original replacing all original percussion with recordings of Luc’s… The peacock screech, intended to represent the danger element in the work…

…The ambient textures from Chronopolis : Sons Tendus Électroniques forming a pulsating audio bed beneath this piece which integrates breakbeats and fretless bass. Nearing the fourteen-minute mark, more of those damned peacocks, and the bells of St. Antoine bid their farewell to us as our train leads us away once again, revealing the organ sounds from Chopin : Ambiance Église Orgue et Marteau… and carry us away again through time …And we are left with the image of receding sound of footsteps in the monastery…

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John Foxx & The Maths Remix “Shatterproof”

“Broken Mix” by Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott) / Download
John Foxx And The Maths "Shatterproof (Broken Mix)" - Remix by Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott / Day For Night)

John Foxx And The Maths “Shatterproof (Broken Mix)” – Remix by Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott / Day For Night)

John Foxx & The Maths’ “Shatterproof” gets a “Broken” treatment here from Salvador Dalek’s Eric Scott – with a ghostly hint of Cabaret Voltaire, Pig Bag and Meat Beat Manifesto sprinkled into the post-industrial soup… Bigger beats and an aggressive bassline reminiscent of 80s Trevor Horn production… Not for the nostalgophobic, to say the least!
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“The White Knight of Roppongi”

Peter Moraites – sketch by Patricia Dalen

Genres: Experimental / Cinematica / Illustration / Fiction / Design / Motion Graphics / Direction / Consultation

Pete Moraites began drawing pictures at the very early age of 0.9 years old, initially favoring the medium of crayon (Crayola 64-pack with built-in sharpener). Showing some promise in this area, he expanded his repertoire to include pencils, pens and even Mr. Sketch scented magic markers (Peter was easily identified at the time by his perennial polychrome mustache). It was around this time that he began to write stories as well.

Peter went to Rutgers University where he continued to write and draw things. Somewhere between the two, people began to pay him for it. Past creative endeavors include:

  • Active participation in the Tomato ten-day workshops in Tokyo (2000), and the five-day workshop in New York City (2001).
  • Developing motion graphics and writing/directing entertainment segments for liins, John Gray, Richard Jeni, Norman Schwarzkopf, and Larry King
  • Writing, directing and editing promotional, documentary and music videos for Ecko Clothing
  • Designing motion interstitials for Nickelodeon™ and writing/illustrating a serialised comic book for Nick Online™
  • Developing opening titles and interstitial designs for PBS’s “New York Adventures” Peter’s cartoon work has also been featured in Backyard Monsters, a touring museum exhibit for children.

During 2001, Peter (a.k.a. Sean Annigans, a.k.a. “The White Knight of Roppongi”) migrated to the Left Coast where he continues to grow as a creator/developer of ideas, imagery, and story, frequently combining his skill and passion for conceptualization, writing, design, direction, editing, and animation. Recently, he has begun making noise as well, with increasingly occasional musical result. His collaboration with Eric Scott, under the moniker Salvador Dalek, remains one of the many unsolved mysteries of this century.

Official site : Pete

Pete Moraites releases on Day For Night

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Salvador Dalek “Birth” (Day 035)

CD / Download
Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott/Day For Night, and Peter Moraites) "Birth" Day / download

Salvador Dalek (Eric Scott/Day For Night, and Peter Moraites) “Birth” Day / download

Salvador Dalek “Birth.” Day 035. by Salvador Dalek

“Birth” (Day 035) is the nascent studio outing of ambient and progressive cinematica artists Salvador Dalek. Not to be confused with its wiser, elder sibling Julie Android, Salvador Dalek operates in a sampladelic and definitionless universe.

Born June 2001 as a live remix identity of Eric Scott and Pete Moraites, this moniker is the one they have used since their first association, through the collaborative projects they have created following Tomato Workshops NYC, where they first chose recording and remixing as an outlet away from other professional activities in the fields of multimedia.

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